Case Sealer

Semi & Fully Automatic Case Erectors

K400HM – Semi Auto Bottom Sealer

Klippenstein Corporation  is constantly striving to stay with the latest technology in order to provide our customers with unmatched state of the art packaging equipment.  Klippenstein Corporation specializes in Case Formers, Case Erectors, & Case Sealers including a line of Standardized Machines with the capability of customizing for special projects / applications.

Klippenstein Corporation’s Case Erectors have been utilized in a variety of industries including the nut (walnut) industry, beverage (dairy and bottled water), small and large appliance, automotive parts, and paper goods.  Klippenstein Corporation offers a variety of Case Erector to meet different case sizes and speeds.  High Speed options are included for most models, along with a number of additional options to customize the machine to your specific needs including, but not limited to Casters, Stainless Steel construction, 480V/3Phase power, Spare Parts, Setup and Training.

Case Sealer

KE300 – Bottom Case Sealer

We offer a line of Semi-Automatic Case Erectors that utilizes a hot melt adhesive seal or pressure sensitive tape.  This is the K400 – Bottom Only, Case Sealer.  With this model, the operator will hand erect the box (RSC or FOL) and then feed it into the sealer for it to be sealed and then the box is transferred to the discharge conveyor.

We offer a line of Fully Automatic Case Erectors for automated packaging lines.  These Case Erecotors also have the option of hot melt adhesive seal or pressure sensitive tape.  Our Fully Automatic Case Erectors includes the KE300 – Medium Duty, Vertical Hopper Case Erector is capable of erecting RSC & FOL boxes.