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Robotic Palletizing 

Klippenstein Corporation is proud to be a Robotics distributor for two International Robotics Companies.  We have installed Robotic palletizers for bag palletizing, case palletizing, and both!  We have a team of programming specialists trained to assist with our customer’s programming, servicing and training needs.  Klippenstein Corporation also can provide the material handling line to position your product for palletizing, as well as automating the positioning of the pallets and slip sheet placement.  Our pallet conveyor is designed to move full pallets into position for shinkwrapping or straight to loading.

Case Erector/Sealers & Case/Tray Formers
Klippenstein Corporation’s Case Erectors/Sealers/Formers and Tray Formers have been utilized in a variety of industries including the nut (almond/walnut) industry, poultry, meat, beverage, dairy/yogurt, citrus, small and large appliance, automotive parts, and paper goods. Klippenstein Corporation offers a variety of Case Sealers to meet different case sizes and speeds. High Speed options are included for most models, along with a number of additional options to customize the machine to your specific needs including, but not limited to Casters, Stainless Steel construction, 480V/3Phase power, Spare Parts, Setup and Training.

K710 – Top Only Case Sealer
K400 – Bottom Only Case Sealer/Erector
K720 – Top and Bottom Sealer
KF403HM – FOL Case Former (Hot Melt Only)

K730 – Top Only (RSC or FOL) Standard Case Sealer
K500 – Top Only Heavy Duty Case Sealer
K503HM – Side Flange Heavy Duty Case Sealer
RK500HM – Random Top Only Heavy Duty Case Sealer
SK500HM – Special (Flap Folding Sequence) Top Only Heavy Duty Case Sealer
KE300 – Bottom Only Standard Case Sealer/Erector
KE800 – Bottom Only Heavy Duty Case Sealer/Erector
K740 – Top and Bottom Standard Case Sealer
K600 – Top and Bottom Heavy Duty Case Sealer
K6074TH – Telescoping Top and Bottom Heavy Duty Case Sealer KF804HM – FOL Case Former – Full Pallet Blank Hopper
KF8003HM – RSC Case Former – Full Pallet Blank Hopper
KF806HM – Tray Former
SKF806HM – Large Tray Former

Industry Solutions – Klippenstein Corporation offers industry solutions for nut processors and protein packers.  Kllippenstein Corporation has spent the past 12 years helping the almond industry with packaging solutions in California.  Klippenstein Corporation has spent the past 20 years working in the protein industry across the United States.  Let us help you find the solution you are looking for.

Closeup of a almonds, walnuts and pistachio. Background.

Nut Packaging Solutions

Protein Poultry

Protein Packaging Solutions